Making the complicated uncomplicated for every level of tech user. Scheduling and communication at it's most intuitive.

Simple communication

Text, emails and even fridge notes between your whole community. Customise things your way

Automate, automate, automate

Creative scheduling at the click of one button or take back control and go the long way round. It's up to you

Time tracking made easy

Know where your workforce are. Safe, seamless, easy tracking connecting to all the finances too


Work in real-time

Manage people with one solution.

We know how busy your admin desks get with the endless back and forth between clients, cleaners and you. Justly will significantly reduce your admin time, bring clarity to your field team and reassurance to your clients.

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Multiple solutions in one place

Go paperless and automate processes

Make more planet conscious choices. Justly's multi-device platform allows you to access your business anytime, anywhere


Where innovation means freedom to grow your business.

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Simple, time clock solution for the deskless workforce.

Manage tasks and employees, quickly and easily.

Quick and effortless planning and task assigning.

Automated emails and SMS for clear communication.