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Never used Justly before? Wondering what it can do and how it's different? Here are the answers to questions people often ask -

What happens to my clients' information?

Information about your clients is fully protected, so you never need to worry about their privacy and security. All personal data is encrypted before saving to our databases, and encrypted again by the database at rest. No one can read this information unless they're logged in to your account in Justly and given permission to do so by you - not even us!

Is there a long term contractual commitment?

We work on a one month rolling contract. If you are not happy with the software we want you to feel free to leave, and so you can. And we offer that because we know you'll be very happy to stay :-)

Is the Justly service safe and secure?

We take the safety and security of your data extremely seriously, and that's why Justly is protected by state-of-the-art security protocols, giving you complete peace of mind. Our servers are within industry-leading Microsoft Azure infrastructure and are protected by firewalls. All data is encrypted and access to it protected by multiple levels of security from the cutting-edge security experts at Auth0.