Free your staff and your business - and help to make the world a better place, one clean at a time


Why Justly?

Justly's flexible and effective scheduling product is specifically designed to make life easier for the cleaning industry. It's intuitive to use, freeing staff time to think about the bigger challenges facing your business. And with environmental, social and governance considerations at its heart, we believe that Justly is better for everyone.

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I started my business in 2013 and it has gone from strength to strength. But scheduling has remained a headache. Despite searching for years we could not find the right solution. So we've built our own. Justly has been birthed from the bosom of our everyday struggles. We want this to be a collaborative, evolving platform where innovation is driven by it's community of users.

Antoinette Daniel - Just Helpers Cleaning Agency and Justly Founder

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Our mission

Empowering cleaning business owners to grow ethically.

Campaigning for every cleaner in the UK to get paid the real living wage.

Building a community of ethical and profitable business owners.

Enabling end consumers to make better purchasing decisions.

Business isn't just about profit. As employers we have a duty to treat our staff with dignity and respect. We believe that successful businesses can - and should - be a force for good. Paying the Real Living Wage is game changer for your staff too.

Increasingly our customers want reassurance that they are spending their money with ethical businesses. Justly can help us all to make the world a better place - one clean at a time. The community metrics will help us push towards net zero and the living wage